Meet the Pastor

I am thrilled to come back home to Joseph after a 25 year love affair with this beautiful county. What started as family vacations at Wallowa Lake United Methodist Church Camp turned into a summer job as the family camp program director when my daughters were in elementary school. And every year since we have made our pilgrimage back to this, our spiritual home.

Even though I have served churches in rural, urban and suburban settings over the past 32 years, my passion is helping people to live into their fullest capacities as leaders. I am a master certified integral leadership coach as well as an innovation consultant. You can find out more about my work here.

I couldn’t be serving here without the love and support of my husband, Jeff Petrillo, who has worked in the affordable housing industry for most of his life. Then there are our two beautiful daughters who are delighted to know they have a home in Joseph. Hannah combines her passion for travel and public health as a volunteer for Mobile Medics International and Sarah feels most at home on any fast flowing river as a kayak enthusiast and trip leader for Winding Waters River Expeditions in Joseph.

Hannah, Jeff and Sarah visiting the Petrillo family hometown in Italy

And of course, our family would not be complete without our cats. Last summer we adopted 2 cats from the Wallowa County Humane Society – Valentino and Tuxedo. They bring us such joy with their antics and snuggles.

Tuxedo and Valentino

Making Connections

I am here to listen with you as we share our stories and discover that golden thread that weaves them together and carries us forward. My pledge is to be fully human with you as we discover God’s preferred future together. I call it following the energy. Because that is how God leads us – sprinkling the bread crumbs of joy, passion and delight for us to follow.
If you want to know more about this fantastic church send me an email or give me a call. You can always find me at worship on Sundays at 10am when the bell rings!

I hope to see you soon!