Oct 11, 2015 – Helping Each Other in the Rock Tumbler of Life

My perception of life, lately, has been a series of very strong ups and downs. So many blessings, but stress filled challenges as well. So many peaks, but sometimes valleys. As a kid, most of my friends loved to ride roller coasters. I, most definitely, did not. I have always been challenged by a fear of heights, but to fit in, I would work to press down my fears so I could be part of my group of friends that seemed to be having so much fun. I can picture traveling up the incredible steel, and sometimes wooden, structures of old roller coasters. I felt exhilaration. I felt bravery. And when I reached the peak of the coaster, I felt like an idiot thinking that anything so frightening could be perceived as fun. I would scream into the depth of that giant drop with my heart pounding…

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